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Reconstruction of the non-Schengen area of the passenger terminal


This month has seen the start of construction work on the non-Schengen area of the passenger terminal at Tallinn Airport in order to increase the capacity of the terminal and to create more comfortable conditions for passengers.

Around 1100 m² of space on the lower level of the terminal is being reconstructed as part of the project, which will result in four waiting areas in place of the current two. A lift and restrooms will also be added. On the main floor of the terminal, the restrooms will be reconstructed and a dedicated mother-and-baby room and further seating space with more seats will be added. Following the renovations, the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting systems will all be fully automated.

What does all of this mean for passengers?

Due to the construction work, the pre-boarding areas designed for non-Schengen passengers will be out of use from June 2023-March 2024. During this period, passengers will be serviced using air bridges and, where needed, buses. This may lead to certain inconveniences, but airport staff will be doing all they can to ensure that travellers are able to start their journeys as comfortably and conveniently as possible.

We thank everyone in advance for their understanding and promise to do everything within our power to make sure that the construction work goes as planned and that we are able to open the new areas to passengers as scheduled next March.