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Positive results from the first six months


In the first half year, the number of passengers of Tallinn Airport increased by approximately 16% in comparison with the last year, and total of 1.37 million passengers have passed through the airport, i.e. an average of 7,600 passengers per day. The sales revenue of the group increased by 12.8%. The profit for the first six months was EUR 3.8 million, i.e. 10.4% higher than in 2017.

The increase in revenue is partially the result of an increase in the number of passengers, but secondly, also fair weather. The aviation revenue increased by 10.9% and the non-aviation revenue increased by 13.9%. The costs increased by a total of 10.4%. “The increase in the costs is a result of an increase in the security costs in connection with the increased number of passengers, an increase in the fuel and vehicle costs due to the weather conditions and an increase in the demand for the de-icing service during the first months of the year,” explained Anneli Turkin, a member of the management board of AS Tallinna Lennujaam.

Work force costs increased by 10.1%, including a 7.4% increase in the number of employees of the Group. “Our activities are seasonal, and the number of employees increases during the summer flight schedule period. The increase in the work force costs is also affected by the salary adjustments performed in 2017,” added Anneli Turkin.

In connection with the high volume of investments, the depreciation of fixed assets has increased by EUR 0.5 million, i.e. 9.7%. 50% of the flight traffic area investments are co-financed from the European Cohesion Fund, and therefore, the depreciation costs are partially covered by the revenues from the grants related to assets shown in the income segment.