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Passenger numbers up by 12% in November


In November, Tallinn Airport served 227,000 passengers, which is 12% more compared to last November. Despite seasonal decline in the number of passengers, the growth percent demonstrates a steady demand in the segment of charter as well as regular flights. In November, it was possible to fly to 27 destinations, served by 13 airlines. We had 26 destinations and 12 airlines, respectively, during the same period last year.

Compared to previous year, the most seats were added to the Stockholm route, where in addition to Nordica and SAS, also Norwegian and airBaltic started their flights in the end of October. The number of seats increased due to flights added to the London, Copenhagen, Kiev and Istanbul routes. The offering is supplemented also with flights to Malta, Paphos and Edinburgh, launched this year. The number of flights, and respectively, the seats, has declined on the routes of Vilnius, St Petersburg, Munich and Brussels. In addition to the planned termination of seasonal flights for the winter, also the Goteborg route was closed. The most additional passengers were brought to the airport in November by airBaltic and Ryanair; the biggest growth by the end of the year has secured Nordica, whose pace of development has reversed over the last months due to the planned cuts in the flight plan. In terms of growth rate, the biggest progress on the Tallinn market was made by Norwegian, who has increased its number of passengers by more than 50% from the beginning of the year.

In November, the charter season to Turkey ended and was replaced with warmer, North African destinations. Compared to last year, the number of charter passengers to Egypt increased notably. The beach holidays of Estonians were supplemented by incoming charter passengers from Norway.