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One more cozy place where to spend your time before your flight







Kohver is not quite an ordinary café. Firstly, Kohver has a lovely interior, but more importantly, it offers comfort to all senses.


Kohvik Kohver

Kohver opens a door to the exciting world of tea and coffee. In Kohver you can try a large variety of different coffee beans and coffees made in many different ways. Guests taste coffee that is slowly prepared in a glass filter, aeropressed coffee, press pot coffee, Turkish coffee or coffee made with an espresso machine. They can also buy their favourite coffee or tea varieties to prepare them at home. Kohver also offers several coffee drinks popular all over the world and delicious frappuchinos.

In addition to a wide selection of coffees, Kohver also offers its visitors a glimpse to the fascinating world of tea. Kohver pays particular attention to correct dosing, water temperature and the time necessary for the tea to steep. In addition to a wide selection of oriental teas, also the best Estonian organic farms are represented with their curative herbal mixes.

To accompany a cup of coffee or a teapot, Kohver offers locally baked fresh cinnamon buns, croissants, truffles, and macaroons. The fans of healthier food can choose from fresh and colourful fruit salads and other healthy snacks.

From a coffeeholic to a fan of raw food—Kohver can accommodate all nicely at the same table!

Kohver is located in the terminal in the immediate vicinity of gate 2 and the airport’s library.

Kohver is open according to the flight schedule.