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Night-time construction of airport runway will continue into the autumn


Tonight the runway of Tallinn Airport will once again reach its full length, i.e. 3480 meters – construction work at the western end of the runway will be finished and large-scale work with the middle section of the runway will start.

According to Tõnu Mühle, the Director of Infrastructure Development at Tallinn Airport, night-time restrictions to air traffic will be effective until early October. ’’Until now the runway was open for traffic on three nights a week, but from today the runway will be open to traffic only on two nights a week,’’ explained Mühle. The runway will be open in full on the night before Wednesdays and Saturdays, while on other nights the runway will be completely closed for traffic between 00:30 AM to 6:00 AM. ’’The biggest challenge will be to complete all works by the time of morning departures, which is the reason why we cannot receive delayed flights on these nights – otherwise the morning trips of thousands of passengers would be cancelled,“ stressed Mühle.

Work in the middle section of the runway includes replacing the paving, repositioning of runway lights and changing the markings. With the completion of work in the western end, the airport will again be able to utilise the instrument landing system ILS in both landing directions. ’’A full-length runway and a landing system with full operational capability significantly improve aviation safety in Tallinn Airport,’’ added Mühle.