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New exhibition in airport’s gallery


If you have arrived to the airport earlier than expected or have come to meet your loved one but the flight is late, then the Airport’s gallery is the place where to enjoy your extra time. The gallery is located on the second floor of the passenger terminal and is open to all visitors during the airport’s business hours. New exhibition is put up in every two months.

Olja Raagi näitus

In December and January the works of Olja Raag, an artist of Estonian-Ukrainian origin, are displayed in the gallery. The exhibition is called “Rainbow No 5”, designed by the artist to convey positivity and joy of living, and make people dream. “Everything I put on the canvas must exude good vibrations”, said Olja Raag.

The artist is experimenting with different techniques and materials that, at first glance, are not even related to painting, like Swarovski crystals and fresh flowers.

The curator of the exhibition is Marika Tomberg and Elurõõm.

The exhibition will be open until the end of February.