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Nearly 200,000 passengers passed through Tallinn Airport in January


195,495 passengers passed through Tallinn Airport in January, which is 48% more than last January and comprised 92% of the number of passengers before the pandemic. Scheduled flights were operated by 13 airlines, with direct flights to 32 different destinations. The average capacity for scheduled flights was 66%.

The airline with the largest market share in January was Ryanair with 15 destinations and nearly a quarter of all passengers. Air Baltic operated nine direct routes from Tallinn and carried 21% of all passengers. Finnair and Lufthansa followed with market shares of 11% and 9%, respectively. In January, 45% of all passenger flew to the strategic hubs important to Estonia – Helsinki, Riga, Frankfurt, Stockholm and Warsaw. The most popular countries were Germany, Finland and Italy. The main destinations of charter flights were Egypt and the Canary Islands.

The regional airport that served the most passengers in January was Kuressaare. Compared to last year, the number of passengers increased by 41% and a total of 2,966 passengers were served. Diamond Sky, a new carrier that uses a larger, 33-seater Saab 340A aircraft, started operating between Kärdla and Tallinn in late January. In January, Kärdla Airport served 641 passengers, Ruhnu 207 passengers, Pärnu 158 passengers and Tartu 39 passengers. There was no air traffic at Kihnu airfield in January.