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Leap year increased the number of passengers in Tallinn Airport in February


In February, more than 128,000 passengers passed through the airport, exceeding the number from the previous year by 5 percent.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, Chief Commercial Officer of Tallinn Airport, with a normal February, the growth percentage would have reached 2.3 percent. “Leap year added one day to February and that simply allowed us to serve more passengers than in the previous year,” Pärgmäe said. The number of regular passengers grew by 7 percent, while the number of charter passengers saw a slight decrease.

The Estonian aviation market is currently characterised by a relatively even division between 6 airlines with market shares of up to 11-14 percent. “This division is very beneficial for passengers as it broadens their flight options and reduces dependency on one or two bigger carriers,” Pärgmäe stated. The top carrier in the first months of this year has been Finnair.

In February, there were regular direct flights to a total of 23 different destinations. The largest number of connections was to Stockholm, but the most popular route was to Helsinki based on the total number of passengers. Flights to London had the biggest passenger loads in February, while the average passenger loads of regular flights reached 60 percent in the last month.