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In June, a record number of people passed through Tallinn Airport


June was the month with the largest number of passengers of all times in Tallinn Airport – in total, over 258 thousand passengers passed through the airport. The record of the week with the largest number of passengers was also broken – in the last week of June, 62,744 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, the Director of Marketing of Tallinn Airport, the increase in the number of passengers is driven by improved flight possibilities, as in June regular direct flights took place to 35 destinations; Nordica has been the airline with the largest increase in the number of seats offered. “Increased throughput of the security check area of the airport helps us handle the record-breaking number of passengers better but we predict continued demand of the same scale at least until October,” Pärgmäe remarked. “Thus, we ask the passengers to arrive at the airport at least 1.5 to 2 hours before the flight departs, in order to avoid large jams during peak hours. New checking lines help to get passengers on flights quicker, first of all if the passengers have packed their luggage appropriately and removed electronic devices and liquids from their luggage before the security check – that would significantly reduce the potential queues during the security check,” Pärgmäe emphasized.

In June, the number of air passengers increased by 15 per cent compared to last year, for 6 months, the average increase in the number of passengers is 16 per cent. In regular flights, the number of seats offered increased by 10 per cent and the number of passengers by 14 per cent. Compared to last year, the largest number of flights have been added to the line of Warsaw – this summer, it is possible to fly there three times a day. In June, Spanish airline Vueling started again summer flights between Tallinn and Barcelona. The flights in Frankfurt line had the largest number of passengers. The most popular destinations of charter flights were the resorts of Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria.