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July brought new passenger records


In July, over 311 000 passengers passed through Tallinn Airport, which was again our highest number of passengers during a single month. In comparison with the July of last year, the number of passengers increased by 14%, while the average load factor of aircrafts was 77%.
In August, new passenger number records are awaited, when the high season of travel is further supplemented by the UEFA Super Cup held in Tallinn.

The number of passengers increased for all of the larger carriers. The highest number of passengers were gained on the Kiev, London, Oslo, Copenhagen and Vilnius lines, the main reason of which is the increase in competition. On the Kiev, Copenhagen and London lines, further carriers have been added in comparison with last year; on the Oslo line, Norwegian has increased the frequency its flights. In total, regular flights were performed to 41 destinations, the most popular ones being Frankfurt and Riga.

In regard to the charter destinations, as usual for the season, the most popular flights were to the Turkish and Bulgarian holiday areas.