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Jose Corominas ja Anatoli Strahhov exhibition


Two artists opened joint exhibition “Beauty of the spring”. Their show the beauty through very different artistic prisms. Exhibition is open until the end of May at the gallery of Tallinn airport.

Jose Corominas (1954) was born in Barcelona and his childhood passed in creative environment. His favourite technique is acrylicpainting, with rich colours and venturous brushwork. His paintings have temperament, sensitivity and sadness. His pieces are just like good Spanish movies where one eye is laughing and the other is crying.

Anatoli Stahhov (1946) was born in Ukraine. He studied at the School of Art Zhinvali South-Ossetia and the Estonian National University of the Arts. Artist has been inspired by the old Russian icon painting and early reneissance. Delicate and divine women on his paintings grant you the faith that there is a divine paradise.

Exhibition is open until 1st of June 2015.

Contact person: Martin Grünberg [email protected]

Jose Corominase ja Anatoli Strahhovi näitus