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In spite of the overall decline, it is a good year for aviation


The number of airline passengers in November was decreased by 10% in comparison with the same time of the previous year. The decrease was similar to the previous months the main reason lying in the sharp change in strategy of Estonian Air made at the end of the last year. Besides, the tourism season in Turkey ended in November and the rapidly growing number of charter passengers during the past few months remained at the level of the last year. Transfer to the winter flight schedule caused also the reduction in the number of flights, which takes place each autumn due to the seasonality of aviation.

In spite of the fact that this year Estonian Air has carried almost 40% less passengers than last year, our national airline company is still the most significant carrier at Tallinn Airport servicing 27% of all passengers. At the same time, all other airline companies have increased their number of passengers at Tallinn Airport and the result achieved by now exceeds previously set expectations. 2013 has been a good year for the airline companies operating at Tallinn Airport. The results of Aeroflot starting its flights at the end of the last year and Turkish Airlines adding this year have been excellent. According to Erik Sakkov, member of board of Tallinn Airport, one could be satisfied with the results of the year, because they were prepared for significantly more complicated times. “Also by the end of this year, we will get very close to the two million passenger limit that we could not even dream of at the beginning of the year,” Erik Sakkov said.