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In September, 45,225 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport


In September, 45,225 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport, representing 15% of the number of passengers in last September.

“The decline in the number of passengers and flight operations that began in mid-august, continued also in September with, the main influencing factors being flight restrictions, increasing infection rates and various travel restrictions established by the countries. We are really pleased about the Government’s decision adopted on 29 September, which now allows flying to countries where the infection rate is below the double average of the European Union. This enables to open quite many routes that so far were closed,” Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport said. “During the next week, routes should be opened to Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Oslo, Stockholm, Milan, Vilnius and Vienna.”

Pärgmäe stressed that as the next step, also the methodology of the self-isolation restriction should be updated, as right now, a person must stay home even if they arrive from a country where the infection rate is lower than in Estonia. “Starting from 1 September, all Estonians can make a free coronavirus test at the airport when arriving from a country with high infection risk. If this is negative, it would be a good way to shorten the self-isolation period.”

In September, most of the flights were made on the six open routes, to Riga, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Warsaw and Oslo. Altogether 11 airlines made flights on 17 different routes, the airlines with the biggest market share being AirBaltic, followed by Lufthansa and Finnair.

Tallinn Airport urges all people to familiarise themselves with the restrictions and requirements of the country of destination before going on a trip. Information is available on the webpages of Re-open EU as well as Reisi Targalt.