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In November, 164,126 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport


In November, 164,126 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport. Compared to the pre-pandemic levels, demand has gradually recovered since March, reaching 68% of the normal volume in November. Average seat occupancy on regular flights was 58% last month.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport, November was better than expected in terms of passenger numbers. “This winter schedule surprises with the abundance of destinations and has attracted people to fly again and discover new places. This is also reflected in the airport’s better-than-forecasted results. It’s a pleasure to see happy travellers on the road when walking around in the terminal.”

Pärgmäe points out, however, that responsible travel is still important. “Due to the spread of the new virus strain, it is important that all people arriving from the countries at risk of the omicron strain take the PCR test immediately, either at the airport or at another testing facility. Today, the risk countries include Turkey, Egypt and eight countries of the South African region. In addition, it is still mandatory to complete the traveller’s questionnaire, which can be done up to three days before the return flight,” Pärgmäe said, adding that the pre-filled questionnaire and having documents ready will help to speed up passing the airport.

In November, it was possible to take regular flights to 33 destinations. Ryanair served the largest number of passengers, totalling 25% of all passengers. AirBaltic served 19% and WizzAir 10% of passengers. Typically to the season, most of the charter flights were made to Egypt and the Canary Islands.

In November, a total of 2881 flight operations were carried out, making an average of 96 landings and take-offs per day.

Tallinn Airport is moving towards its goal to serve 1.25 million passengers by the end of 2021.