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In May, the number of passengers increased in Tallinn as well as Tartu airport


Tallinn Airport provided its services to over 9,700 passengers a day in May, which is by 9.2 per cent more than during the same period last year.

In May, Tallinn Airport served more than 300,000 passengers, being almost an average of 9,700 passengers a day. According to Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport, the growth came from summer flight schedule: “In May, several airlines started to fly with higher frequency and the seasonal direct flights to Athens, Odessa and Orchid were added. At the end of the month we welcomed a completely new airline, Belavia, which will start flying between Tallinn and Minsk four times a week. This summer, it will be possible to take direct flights from Tallinn to nearly 40 destinations, to which nearly the same number of charter flight destinations will be added – we believe that everyone will find an agreeable holiday destination this summer.”

On regular flights, 1.6% more seats than last year were added. The growth came from low-cost airline segment, the market share of which has grown to 22%, from 16%. The increase in the number of passengers arises from Wizzair’s flights to Kiev and London, Ryanair’s connections with Edinburgh and Berlin, Norwegian Air flights to Stockholm and easyJet’s flights on London, Berlin and Milano routes.

The number of charter passengers comprised nearly 13% of the total number passengers; the most popular destination is the Antalya resort region in Turkey. Also, the Bulgarian and Greek holiday trip destinations are popular.

The increased flight traffic related to the summer season causes more work in every sector of the airport. “Since there are a lot of flights departing concurrently at peak hours, early in the morning and in the evening at 17-19, we advise the passengers to take more time for arriving at the airport, finding a parking spot and passing the security check, so as to avoid unnecessary stress from catching the plane,” Pärgmäe recommended.

In Tartu airport, the occupancy of flights to Helsinki increased 31% compared to the beginning of the year. There were 46 flights on the Tallinn-Helsinki route and the average occupancy of planes reached already 70%. In May, altogether 2,173 passengers used the services of Tartu airport, plus 151 charter passengers.