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In June, the number of travellers at the Tallinn Airport was the greatest since the outbreak of the corona pandemic


97,912 passengers passed through the Tallinn Airport in June, which is the largest number of passengers served in one month since the beginning of the corona pandemic, exceeding the level for June last year by almost four times while the number of passengers almost doubled compared to the month before.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Tallinn Airport, Eero Pärgmäe, is pleased to see a significant increase in travel opportunities and demand. “I am happy to see that the Tallinn Airport is once again bubbling with life and that people, who due to restrictions had to stay at home for a long time, are again opting for travelling by air. Airlines have also affirmed that there is great interest in travelling and are already adding flights to their schedules and opening new destinations. Preference for direct flights is also confirmed by interest in charters – used by 21% of all travellers.”

According to Pärgmäe, homework and familiarizing yourself with the requirements of the destination country remain important before embarking on a trip. “Since 1 July, the European Union has been using a harmonised digital COVID certificate, accepted by all the EU member states plus Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway. EU’s digital certificate certainly facilitates travels and people are encouraged to get vaccinated before leaving for a trip. All EU member states have agreed to relax the restrictions in a coordinated manner and to refrain from imposing additional restrictions unless necessary to protect public health,” says Pärgmäe, adding that it is therefore important to familiarise yourself with the requirements of both the country of destination and, if necessary, the country of transit, in order to ensure the smoothest possible air travel.

In June, direct flights to Vienna and Dublin (Ryanair) and Nice (AirBaltic) were added, and Norwegian started to fly between Tallinn and Oslo. All in all, flights were operated on 25 different regular lines. The beginning of July witnessed the addition of direct flights to Zürich in Switzerland and Rome in Italy. Of charter flights, the most popular destinations were Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece.

In June, 2424 flight operations were served on the average 80 landings and take-offs per day.

During the first six months, 283,495 travellers passed through the airport and 9725 flight operations were performed.