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In January, the number of passengers continued to grow


Despite the fact that January is traditionally a silent month in aviation, Tallinn Airport serviced more than 200,000 passengers in the first month of the year, being by 17 per cent more compared to the same time last year.

In comparison to last January, the number of passengers of AirBaltic and Ryanair increased the most. As at January, AirBaltic flies to nine and Ryanair to six direct destinations from Tallinn. Most of the direct flights were made to Helsinki, Stockholm and Riga.

During the previous year, the number of passengers increased the most to Stockholm, where at an average of seven flights a day were made in January. “This route involves tight competition – when last year, there were two airlines flying between the Swedish capital and Tallinn, then today, we have four airlines on that route. This gives the passengers more flight times and better possibilities for connecting flights, but also more favourable ticket prices,” Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of the airport said.

The number of charter passengers grow 21 per cent in January. Traditionally to the season, the most popular were the beach holiday destinations of Egypt, but also the Canary Islands, Dubai and the ski resorts in the Alps.

Pärgmäe added that a contribution to the significant increase in the number of passengers came also from this year’s long holidays and the school vacation. “In terms of passenger numbers, January was beyond expectations a good month as a whole. This indicates that the economic climate is still positive, the confidence of people is good and as a result, the demand remains strong,” Pärgmäe explained.