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From today, passengers can fly to seven destinations from Tallinn Airport


Starting from today, May 18, it is possible to take flights to seven destinations from Tallinn Airport. During the week, another three destinations will be added.

Flights can be taken on the following routes:

• Tallinn-Frankfurt (Lufthansa) on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
• Tallinn-Minsk (Belavia) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until May 23.
• Tallinn-Helsinki (Finnair) twice every day (but one flight on Saturday).
• Tallinn-Amsterdam, (AirBaltic) daily.
• Tallinn-Riga (AirBaltic) daily.
• Tallinn-Kärdla (Transaviabaltika) daily.
• Tallinn-Kuressaare (Transaviabaltika) daily.

In addition, flights will open up on the following routes during the next week:

• Tallinn-Copenhagen (AirBaltic) starting from May 20 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
• Tallinn-Oslo (AirBaltic) starting from May 21 (Thursday, Sunday)
• Tallinn-Vilnius (AirBaltic) starting from May 25 (daily)

We would like to remind you that the travel plans should be carefully thought through and a trip taken only in case of an emergency. It is important to follow the epidemiological situation in the country of destination and the possibility of being mandatorily quarantined there. In addition, several airlines have established an obligation to wear a mask onboard and ask the passengers to disinfect their hands before boarding the plane. Airline requirements can be examined on their homepages.
The health and wellbeing of our employees is important. We ask all passengers to wear masks and disinfect hands while at the airport. In addition, information materials are still available at the terminal, posters “Keep a distance of 2 metres” are up and quite soon people will hear also an advice over the loudspeakers to keep a distance and avoid gatherings. Most definitely, our activities do not end here and the focus over the coming weeks will be creating the feeling of safe boarding and arrival home.