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Flight schedule for the summer will bring back the favourite destinations of Estonians


On March 28th, European aviation will return to the summer flight schedule, which increases the number of destinations also for Tallinn Airport. Several lines that used to operate throughout the year but were temporarily suspended due to the virus will also return to the flight schedule.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport, the summer flight schedule will have a smaller number of flights than before. “Even though the epidemiologic situation both here and elsewhere in Europa is currently not good and also the availability of vaccines is lower than hoped, we still predict a gradual recovery of the number of flights and passengers in summer months. Today, airlines adjust their flight plans on a weekly basis and as the general situation improves and the demand is restored, they are ready to respond, both with added frequency and new destinations. Responsible attitude to travelling and corresponding behaviour of passengers during air travel is naturally very important at present.”

Pärgmäe pointed out that the first good news arrived at the end of February when Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), the largest airline in Switzerland, announced that they would resume flights between Zurich and Tallinn as of June 25th. “We have long waited for SWISS to come to Estonia and in the current situation such news give us confidence that travelling will soon recover. Up to now, Zurich has been unused potential – interest of Estonians in flying to Switzerland has been high but opportunities have so far been lacking. The Swiss have also expressed great interest in exploring Estonia.”

At the end of March, the following flights will be added to the flight schedule:

  • Kiev (Wizz Air)
  • Berlin (airBaltic)

In April, the following flights will be added to the flight schedule:

  • Milan Bergamo (Ryanair)
  • Stockholm (airBaltic)
  • Istanbul (Turkish Airlines)
  • Malaga (airBaltic)
  • Moscow (Aeroflot)
  • Lviv (Wizz Air)

In May, the following flights will be added to the flight schedule:

  • Brussels (airBaltic)
  • London (easyJet)
  • Paris (airBaltic)
  • Vienna (Wizz Air; Ryanair)
  • Oslo Sandefjord Torp (Wizz Air)
  • Oslo (Norwegian)
  • Athens (Aegean)
  • Milan Malpensa (Wizz Air)
  • Harkiv (Wizz Air)
  • Berlin (Ryanair)
  • Dublin (Ryanair)

Duringthe summer season also a Ryanair flight from Tallinn to London, an airBaltic flight to Vilnius and a SAS flight to Copenhagen will be added.

Pärgmäe emphasizes that this is the flight plan according to the current information. “It is highly likely that additional changes will be made in the summer flight plan. Those who want to travel in summer should keep an eye on the websites of airlines and ask their travel agencies for advice if required for planning of a trip.”

Next to the airlines added with the summer flight schedule, it is also possible to fly from Tallinn on flights operating all year round:

  • Amsterdam (airBaltic)
  • Helsinki (Finnair)
  • Warsaw (LOT)
  • Frankfurt (Lufthansa)
  • Riga (airBaltic)
  • Copenhagen (airBaltic)
  • London Gatwick (airBaltic)
  • Oslo (airBaltic)
  • Minsk (Belavia)
  • Stockholm (SAS)
  • Kuressaare (NyxAir)
  • Kärdla (Transaviabaltika)

Airports Council International (ACI) awarded the service quality of Tallinn Airport with the Best European Airport award for the third year in a row. According to the passengers, the Estonian air gateway is continually among the top ones in Europe. The airport has also been recognised for the application of various prevention and safety measures during the pandemic.