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Exhibition of paintings by Andrus Raag opens in the gallery of Tallinn Airport


The exhibition of Andrus Raag’s paintings ‘Colourful Experience’, where the works highlighted by the author can be regarded as contemporary cave paintings, opened in the gallery of Tallinn Airport at the beginning of April.

The paintings presented by Andrus Raag at the exhibition were painted over a period of six years. Many of the artist’s earlier paintings are somewhat sculptural works where paint is seen as a substance and the main emphasis is on structure and mass. This has allowed him to created textured, industrial surfaces.

The newer works on which the paint has just dried represent a completely different category. The thoroughly classical approach to paint values colour as quality and remains fully indifferent towards the material properties of the paint. The quest for simplicity is what these two worlds have in common.

Andrus Raag was born in Võru in 1982 and started painting in the late 1990s. He studied philosophy and painting at the University of Tartu. In addition to painting and organising exhibitions, Andrus also works in the computer game company Rocknight.

The exhibition at Tallinn Airport will be open until the end of May.