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Estonian Sustainable Business Index quality label to Tallinn Airport


The results of the Sustainable Business Index for 2013 were published and 34 companies were awarded the Quality Label for responsible and environmentally sustainable business actions. In the large business category Tallinn Airport was awarded the silver level.

Vastustustundliku ettevõtte auhind

“Environment friendly business that values their employees and contributes to the resolving of society problems acquires an increasingly growing support. Index results indicate that the sustainability issues in general become strategically more important. We want to acknowledge everyone who cares about the social impact of their company and who steers knowingly for betterment,” said Marko Siller, the chief executive of the Responsible Business Forum.

„We want to adapt quickly in the ever changing environment and wish to be competitive in 10 years’ time also. We want our team to include the best people as always and the passengers, the Estonian State and the society will be satisfied with us. Responsibility is the key to that future,” said Anneli Turkin, the Board member of Tallinn Airport.