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Enterprise Estonia unveils new gateway to Estonia


Tallinn Airport is the most important gateway to Estonia. Yet most people arriving at Tallinn Airport are tourists or business travellers who only stay in the country for a couple of weeks at most. From today, a novel, specially designed gate is opening at Tallinn Airport, which will encourage people to stay in Estonia for good rather than departing.

EAS gate 3

In order for foreign specialists to find their way to Estonian companies, who need their expertise, Enterprise Estonia has launched the Work in Estonia programme.

“At first glance, it might seem naive for a small Nordic country the size of Estonia to think itself capable of competing with prized locations such as London, Berlin or Silicon Valley; however, in reality Estonia has several advantages that make the country an attractive place to live and work for many forward-looking talented people from across the world,” explained Kristel Kask, the head of the Work in Estonia programme.

Foreigners already working in Estonia highly value the opportunities for personal development in the country. Low hierarchies and the business culture at companies simplify and accelerate the movement of talented professionals up the career ladder – young specialists have the opportunity to become involved in decision-making much faster than in the countries of ‘Old Europe’ or Scandinavia. “As a rule, it takes years to achieve a significant career leap after graduating from university. Estonia, however, is a place where a motivated young person’s thirst for making things happen is prized, with their age not being a determining factor. We all know talented people in their early thirties here who are active in leadership positions. For many foreign specialists, working in Estonia is a direct flight into their dream job,” said Kask, as she explained the rationale behind the creative design of the new third gate at the airport.