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Employees of organisations within airport community contribute to ensuring airport security as assistant police officers


23 new assistant policemen have joined the North Prefecture. Employment certificates have also been issued to 11 volunteers in the first Border Guard office group, who will ensure safety at Tallinn Airport, where the majority also work on a daily basis. The Police and Border Guard Board entered into such an agreement for the first time in its history, this time with Tallinn Airport, a state enterprise, to jointly contribute to more effective border guard operations.

Last year, a record number of assistant policemen joined the North Prefecture, and this year we have 54 assistant policemen more than at the same time in 2015. 12 of them liked ensuring public order so much that they became full-time police officers. In 2015, assistant policemen contributed more than 87,000 working hours to police duties, of which 44,000 were provided the volunteers from the North Prefecture.