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Changes in the opening hours of the passenger terminal of Tallinn Airport and access to parking station


As a result of the decreased number of flight operations and passengers and for the cost-cutting purposes, the Tallinn Airport will change the opening hours of the passenger terminal and access to the parking station starting from 30 March.

Parking station
From 30 March, access to the floors -1 and 0 of the car park will be closed and it will be possible to use floor 1 of the parking station for parking.

Exit from the parking station is guaranteed to cars, previously parked on floors -1 or 0.

Passenger terminal
The opening hours of the passenger terminal will be shortened from 30 March.

The passenger terminal will be opened two hours before the arrival or departure of the first flight, however no later than 08:00. The terminal will be closed after the last arriving or departing passengers have left the terminal, however not before 20:00. The passenger terminal is closed for the passengers during the night.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.