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Aviation security measures will remain the same at Tallinn Airport


The authorities responsible for aviation safety gathered today at the Estonian Civil Aviation Administration to review the aviation security measures currently in effect at Tallinn Airport and decided that there is no immediate need for implementing additional aviation security measures at Estonian airports, however the number of police and security units patrolling the terminal area has already been increased.

Tallinn Airport’s aviation security chief Tarvi Pihlakas said that according to the Estonian Internal Security Service the security evaluation for Estonia has not been upgraded in the light of the events in Brussels earlier today. “The security check prior to boarding at Tallinn Airport is sufficient today to ensure safety inside the security area and on board the aircraft,” assured Pihlakas. As a deterrent measure and to increase the sense of safety in passengers, the Estonian Police and Border Guards Administration has already increased the number of patrol units at Tallinn Airport and will include regular inspections by special explosive disposal units in the near future.

“We kindly ask the passengers to understand these measures and not be alarmed by them – flying is still safe,” stressed Pihlakas. The check-in area at the airport will have more G4S patrols and even more attention will be paid to unattended luggage.