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In August, the record-breaking growth at Tallinn Airport continued


Over 273 thousand passengers passed through Tallinn Airport in August, which is over one fifth more than last August. August was the third consecutive month for Tallinn Airport when all the former records of the numbers of passengers were broken. Within eight months, a quarter of a million passengers more have travelled through Tallinn Airport than during the same period last year, and the average growth reaches 17 per cent.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, the Director of Marketing of Tallinn Airport, good times for economy are also reflected in the increased number of air passengers. “This summer, namely the number of holiday travellers has remarkably picked up. However, it is predicted that a new record number of passengers is also to be expected in September, due to business travellers participating in the events of EU presidency,” Pärgmäe remarked. “The extended security check opened at the end of July has been implemented successfully, but due to the increased number of passengers, in September, longer queues may be expected for flights,” Pärgmäe stated, suggesting that passengers should arrive at the airport two hours before the departure.

The increased number of air passengers is continually driven by the increased number of seats offered on regular flights, which increased by 21 per cent compared to last year. in August, the number of passengers of regular flights increased by 19 per cent, the average percentage of filled seats on flights reached 75 per cent. In August, it was possible to fly from Tallinn to 37 destinations, the newest direct flights are by Nordica to Gothenburg, taking place six times a week.

The largest number of people fly from Tallinn to the main gateways – Frankfurt, Helsinki and Riga. Compared to last year, thanks to the added flights, the number of passengers has doubled on flights between Tallinn and Warsaw. In August, the most popular destinations for charter flights were the resorts of Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.