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August brought along another record of passengers


In August, Tallinn Airport provided its services to over 325,000 passengers, which is by 6.4 per cent more than during the same period last year. The number of passengers of Tartu airport increased even 34 per cent, or by 722 persons year-on-year, totaling at 2,725 passengers in August.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport, the number of passengers has increased in almost all directions. The biggest growth has been towards Stockholm, London, Berlin and Riga. “These cities are also the destinations with the most congested traffic but also with the highest competition between air carriers, the growth of which is largely stimulated by cheap ticket prices. We are witnessing some overheating on these markets; accordingly, it may be estimated that the number of airlines servicing these destinations will drop during the winter season,” Pärgmäe told.
“We are especially happy about the results of Tartu airport, where we can feel that the demand has caught up with the supply and the route has been finally included in the travel plans of people in Tartu,” Pärgmäe said.

In August, there were direct flights on altogether 35 regular routes, to which 15 charter flight destinations were added. A large part of the regular traffic is distributed between the main hubs, such as Helsinki, Riga, Frankfurt and Stockholm. The most popular among charter flights are the holiday resorts in Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece.

The biggest carrier airBaltic provided services to 23%, Nordica to 14% and Ryanair to 10% of the passengers in August. Altogether one-fifth of all passengers used the low-cost airline segment. The average seat occupancy was 80%, while the same figure was 76% in the same period last year. “These figures are a good indication of the travel interest of people, which will hopefully last also during the autumn season when the percentage of those going on holiday trips decreases but those going on business trips increases,” Pärgmäe added.