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AS Tallinna Lennujaam received the golden award


On May 22, the Responsible Business Forum gave out corporate responsibility awards in the Tallinn Creative Hub. AS Tallinna Lennujaam received the golden award. The award and the related certificate are a recognition of our work performed last year. Put simply, this means that we consider voluntarily and as an integral part with the economic, environmental and social dimension in our everyday work, management and business strategy of the airport.

Starting from 2018, we have committed to monitoring and tying our activities with the sustainable development goals (SDG) of the UN. Some examples from the last year, to illustrate how our work contributes to the achievement of these goals.

With the health and well-being in the mind, we instructed our employees to use better and safer work practices, we installed new safety marks and first aid equipment. By caring about the health of themselves and of the society, the people of the airport gave their contribution also to the blood and gene bank.

As an infrastructure company, we secure sustainable energy, plan energy-efficient buildings and structures. In 2018, we completed a parking station with more than 1200 spaces. During the rejuvenation of the passenger terminal, we installed energy-efficient lighting solution and water-efficient equipment in the toilet facilities.

Working at the airport is developmental and we support flexible study opportunities of the employees. For recurrent trainings we implemented an e-learning video and made participation in internal training via video bridge more convenient for regional airports and shift workers. In the light of the GDPR, implemented last spring, we started cyber training of all the airport employees, since an employee who is aware of threats is a smart employee.

We contribute to the development of the state’s economic environment. A record number of 3 million passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport in 2018 and their content with our service led us to the title of the best European airport in 2018. Work should also be fun. We established the airport’s mixed choir that will participate in the Song Festival this summer!

In manufacturing and consumption, we monitor the waste generation. The share of waste for recovery in the entire waste generation of the airport is increasing (34%), however the large quantity of mixed municipal waste is caused by little awareness of people about the principles of sustainability of the environment. In 2018, we started the elaboration of a waste handling strategy, to reduce the mixed municipal waste and increase the quantity of waste for recovery in the future.

As a measure against climate changes, we are identifying the main places of air pollution and assessing their volume. In 2018, we carried out some preparatory work for joining the first level of airport carbon accreditation program and achieving our big goal – to become a carbon-neutral airport.

By supporting sustainable development of its business, the Tallinn Airport helps to spare the world.