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As of 21st September it is possible to take 10 international flights to 8 countries from Tallinn Airport


  • Berlin (AirBaltic)*
  • Dusseldorf (Ryanair)*
  • Frankfurt (Lufthansa)*
  • Helsinki (Finnair)
  • Copenhagen (AirBaltic)*
  • London (AirBaltic, Ryanair, EasyJet)*
  • Paphos  (Ryanair)
  • Riga (AirBaltic)
  • Warsaw (LOT)*
  • Vilnius  (AirBaltic)

*A self-quarantine requirement of two weeks applies when returning from the destination. More detailed information about the infection rates of countries is available on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

The Government of the Republic decided to extend the restriction of routes departing from Estonia to and arriving in Estonia from countries with high risk of corona infection also to fall and make exceptions to Warsaw, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Riga, Helsinki and London, which will be kept open regardless of the infection rate in the country.

  • Consult the Foreign Ministry website for the infection rate in your country of destination before planning the trip.
  • Stay up to date with possible travel restrictions in your country of destination – consult the Reisi Targaltwebsite, the ReOpenportal of the European Union, and, if necessary, contact the foreign mission of the country of destination for details.
  • Register your trip at the Foreign Ministry’s Reisi Targaltwebsite to allow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to notify you of possible travel restrictions.
  • Follow the recommendations of the Estonian Health Board for a safe flight to protect your health and that of others.
  • Obtain travel insurance and carefully read the conditions of your insurance (including for travel interruptions caused by COVID-19).
  • In the country of destination, follow the instructions of local authorities and keep up to date with possible new restrictions.
  • On your return, follow the rules introduced in Estonia, monitor your health, and if you suspect you have been infected with the virus, contact your GP.