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Already one million passengers have passed through Tallinn Airport this year


In May, Tallinn Airport served 16 per cent more passengers than during the same period last year, the number of passengers increased to a record of 233 thousand. Last Friday, the one millionth passenger of this year passed through Tallinn Airport.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, the Director of Marketing of Tallinn Airport, the airport reached the millionth passenger extraordinarily soon, breaking the record. “Last year, we finished with the best result of all times, we served 2.2 million passengers. Today, we are already moving towards a new record, and by the end of the year, we hope to serve 2.5 million passengers,” Pärgmäe said.

The growth is based on expanding flight opportunities through new airlines and destinations added to the network of direct flights. In May, airlines to St Petersburg, Hamburg, Odessa, Rijeka, Athens and Thessaloniki were opened. A new airline, Russian operator Rusline, was added in May. For the existing lines, more direct flights to Stockholm, Warsaw, London and Vilnius have been added. In total, there were direct flights to 34 destinations in May.

The largest airline at Tallinn Airport is continually LOT-Nordica whose market share in May was 22 per cent. The most popular destination for charter flights that have well regained their strength was Antalya in Turkey, followed by sun trips to Greece and Bulgaria.