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Airport unveils gallery in Passenger Terminal


Tallinn Airport is offering artists exhibition space in a gallery in the Passenger Terminal to showcase their work in a location that more than 5000 people pass through daily. For passengers, on the other hand, the Airport would like to make the Passenger Terminal a friendlier and more attractive place. This is part of long-running efforts to realise Tallinn Airport’s goal of becoming the world’s cosiest airport.

Lennukiakna ökoimpressionism Triinu Veersalu

Tallinn Airport is going to start exhibiting artists’ work in the Passenger Terminal. The first to open in the Passenger Terminal was Triin Veersalu with her show “Lennukiakna ökoimpressionism” (Eco-Impressionism from the airplane window).

Veersalu’s paintings are inspired by landscape photographs taken by satellites circling the Earth at altitudes of hundreds of kilometres. According to the artist, closest to her heart are those landscapes that have been altered by human activity or that are facing outright destruction because of it.

Vano Allsalu, President of the Estonian Artists’ Association, has this to say in a review of Veersalu’s paintings:

“Triinu’s paintings are based on satellite photographs, well-known to be often colour-managed to be bright before reaching the viewer, in order to highlight environments, features of the terrain, the extent of pollution or the like. Thus, in my opinion, the artist is engaging in a kind of ‘critical Eco-Impressionism’ where, as befits the digital age, the source of the impression is no longer nature immediately but rather a reality documented / sensed / conceptualised via intervening media. That said, Triin approaches this subject mater with the same kind of methodical thoroughness as did the Impressionists when analysing and striving to convey light… On the other hand, one could also speak of ‘process-based Realism’ insofar as the artist is striving to, as immediately and essentially as possible, to re-create the ‘reality’ of satellite photographs.”

The photograph shows the artist hanging a painting which she says is a personal favourite of hers.

The gallery of rotating exhibitions on the 1st floor of the Passenger Terminal is open to all arriving and departing passengers as well as those seeing them off or meeting them.

Triin Veersalu’s show will remain on view through the end of September.