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Additional requirements for hand luggage security control


The European Commission has established additional requirements security control for the items that passengers can take with them to the aircraft, including the hand luggage.

Käsipagasi kontroll

As of 1 March 2015, all airports in the European Union began to apply additional security measures in the inspection of hand baggage, during which samples are taken from hand luggage to determine possible traces of explosives. The procedure has already been introduced in the United States, and will be introduced in all airports of the European Union from 1 March. The check is carried out in the same way at all airports of the member states.

“Since we carry out additional checks on a random basis, the security queues should not change at first. However, we recommend that you arrive early to the airport for your flight. We hope that passengers will be understanding—all aviation security procedures are done in the interests of passenger security”, explained Tallinn Airport Aviation Security Manager Tarvi Pihlakas.