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40 direct flights from Estonia open for responsible travel


In the coming winter, it will be possible to travel from Estonia to 40 destinations, which is more than ever before, so Tallinn Airport encourages people to vaccinate more actively to make sure that travelling is responsible and comfortable.

Although the survey conducted by Kantar Emor in October revealed that 39% of the people in Estonia assess the risk of coronavirus infection when traveling as low, the call of Tallinn Airport for the upcoming winter holiday season is a caring attitude towards themselves and other passengers, the basis of which is vaccination and responsible behaviour.

The survey showed that Estonian people have a great desire to fly on holiday. Out of the respondents, 32% would fly to the Mediterranean as soon as possible, and one in every four respondents is eager to visit a friend or relative living abroad.

The winter schedule of Tallinn Airport has created all possibilities for responsible travelling. The schedule has 40 direct destinations, including Estonians’ beloved holiday destinations in Egypt and the Canaries.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport, it is understandable that many people currently have a slightly wait-and-see attitude. At the same time, when looking at the prices, now is a good time to buy flight tickets. “The winter flight season lasts until the end of March, so now is the best time to make plans for the new year and next spring. To make travel care-free and easier, I urge everyone to vaccinate themselves and travel responsibly.”

According to Pärgmäe, the desire and security of people to travel has recovered, which is also shown by the increase in the number of passengers. “Vaccination has clearly simplified travelling. For today, the vaccinated people have understood that travelling does not involve greater risk of infection than, for example, going to a shopping centre, restaurant or theatre. One must behave everywhere in a responsible manner. Also in different European countries, showing a vaccine certificate is an everyday routine and so it is much easier for vaccinated people to enjoy travelling.”

Anyone going on a trip can avoid surprises by doing first their homework and getting acquainted with the requirements for entering the destination country and behaving responsibly. Pärgmäe emphasizes that wearing a mask at the airport is mandatory and various preventive measures have been established to keep everyone healthy. “Nevertheless, I am pleased to see that the people have rediscovered their way to the airport, to go and experience new places and positive emotions. All direct destinations open from Tallinn can be viewed on the homepage of Tallinn Airport.”

In October, more than 184,655 passengers passed Tallinn Airport, being the highest monthly number of passengers served since the beginning of the corona pandemic, making 58% of the pre-crisis level. Average seat occupancy on regular flights was 68%. Tallinn Airport is moving towards its goal to serve 1.2 million passengers by the end of 2021.