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228,000 passengers pass through Tallinn Airport in August


A total of 228,175 travellers were served at Tallinn Airport in August, the busiest month of the year in terms of passenger numbers. The ongoing figures for 2016 are on par with those of 2015, although the number of passengers in August was down 2.6% on the same period last year.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, the director of marketing at Tallinn Airport, occupancy rates on regular flights are satisfactory. “Demand’s stable and the number of people travelling matches the number of seats being offered,” he said. “The slight drop is due to the smaller number of charter flights, which is a continuing trend.”

The most common destinations in August were to the airport hubs of Helsinki, Rīga and Frankfurt, although flights to Oslo, Stockholm and Moscow were also popular. The greatest growth compared to the same period in 2015 was on the Munich route. The most popular package holiday destinations were the Black Sea resorts of Varna and Burgas in Bulgaria.

The average seat occupancy rate on regular flights in August this year was at the same level as in August 2015: 76.5%. An average of 7355 passengers were served each day in August, with 120 flight operations every 24 hours.