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2013: the second highest number of passengers of all time


The 1 958 801 passengers served in 2013 mark an all-around positive year for the airlines, the passengers and the Airport alike. For Tallinn Airport, it is the second highest number of passengers of all time.


Although the number of passengers flying Estonian Air dropped by approximately 40% due to a change of course at the company, Finnair, Lufthansa and Air Baltic each, as well as Norwegian, LOT and FlyBe, grew on a year-on-year basis. A very good performance was delivered by Aeroflot, who has gained a dominant position on the Moscow route; however, charter traffic was strong as well.

Even though there were fewer flights than in the previous year, the decline in the number of passengers was smaller, -11%. Predominantly, the change occurred in terms of transit passengers, whose number contributed a third to the 2012 levels. The “average” plane weighed 38 tonnes, had 91 seats and carried 63 passengers, with scheduled flights booked to a 70% capacity on average.

Year-round, 20 routes were operated, with flights to Istanbul commenced by Turkish Airlines. By comparison, 2012 saw the operation of 21 lines year-round (of those, flights to Prague and Tartu ended), with the route network shrinking predominantly at the expense of seasonal and/or regional routes (for instance, to small cities in Finland). For the first time, Frankfurt rose to top the routes, with the third daily flight to be added by Lufthansa from the summer of 2014 further testifying to the role of that hub. Last December, Estonian Air began flights to Munich, which will continue through the end of the winter season.