Construction projects at Tallinn Airport

Completion: end of 2017


Tramway extension to Tallinn Airport

Airport in your palm!

An increasing number of travellers pass through the Tallinn Airport every year and this is why it needs a better connection with the city centre. The tramline will take you to the airport faster and more comfortably, and in the future, it will be connecting the airport with the Rail Baltic passenger terminal.

Tram connection with the airport

  • Travellers spend less time getting to the passenger terminal.
  • Extending the tramway to the airport will make the area more environmentally friendly.
  • Access to the airport will improve.

Getting there more conveniently

  • The last stop of the tramline will be located at the part of the passenger terminal facing the city.
  • Thanks to the new pedestrian gallery, travellers can walk straight to the passenger terminal from the tram stop.
  • The terminal and the gallery are connected with escalators and elevators to enable travellers with reduced mobility and those with pushchairs get to the terminal more conveniently.

Renewing cityscape

  • In addition to the extension of the tramway, the Network of streets at Ülemiste will also be renovated and cycle and pedestrian tracks will be constructed.
  • A tram and a bus stop, and a tramline return rail will be constructed at the airport.
  • Passengers can sit and wait for public transport in the square at the centre of the tramline return rail.