Construction projects at Tallinn Airport

Completion: November 2017

Expansion of the south pier of the passenger terminal

Every home needs sprucing up!

We’re making the cosiest airport even cosier. The passenger terminal renovations will make navigation to the gates easier and expanding the security check area will add convenience to passing the security checkpoint.

Passenger terminal

  • We will expand the passenger terminal by 9 m to the south and 5 m to the west.
  • We will expand the departing passengers area.
  • We will build an open restaurant with a terrace.
  • We will build new spacious lavatories on the ground floor.

Security check

  • We will expand the security check area to make the screening process more convenient.
  • We will create a clearer navigating scheme.
  • We will add a Fast Track entry to enable faster passage through the security checkpoint.

VIP area

  • We will expand and renew VIP rooms for Estonia’s EU presidency in 2017.
  • We will expand the VIP security check area to enable faster security checks.
  • We will add two new seminar rooms, which can be used as a waiting area or meeting rooms.