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Tallinn Airport quality management system has been created to ensure quality of services by systematic and process-based approach.

For Tallinn Airport, quality entails achieving goals, adherence to relevant requirements and agreements and the satisfaction of interested parties with the service and value we offer.

Management system corresponds to the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, as well as ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) requirements, European Parliament and Council regulation no 216/2008 and Commission regulation no 139/2014.

Regional airports belong to AS Tallinn Airport since 2005. Management systems at regional airports have been certified since 2012.

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AS Tallinn Airport has been issued certificates:

Quality Policy

Focusing on the client

  • We know our clients, cooperation partners and interested groups and are aware of their expectations. We are committed to offering high quality services that meet these expectations. We are attuned to changing trends.
  • We apply a simple and sustainable adherence system to ensure that we comply with the requirements we have been set and have agreed to.

Leadership and inclusion

  • The management teams of the group’s companies are dedicated to enforcing a quality management system. The quality management system and related processes are created with employees in order to support setting and pursuing quality objectives and thus achieving the company’s strategic goals.
  • We promote a culture that values openness, improvement and quality and where all employees strive to propose changes to make the system and services better. The proposals that support the set objectives are acted upon.
  • Our employees are motivated and competent. We seek to make sure that our team works towards a common goal, values cooperation and is trustworthy. We have professional leaders who follow modern management principles.

A process-based approach

  • We organise our activities and manage our resources as part of a planned process chain. As such, we are able to offer our services on the agreed upon terms and using optimal resources.
  • Our individual processes are integrated into a documented quality management system that meets the requirements put forward by the EVS-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and is simple and uniformly understandable to all parties.
  • We map out our processes and analyse them to find areas for improvement.


  • To ensure great performance, we tie constant improvements to daily business activities. This way, we can achieve effectiveness, while still guaranteeing safety, security and compliance with ethical guidelines.
  • We are committed to constantly amending the services offered and making the quality management system more efficient. We put forward clear quality objectives (KPIs) and achieve them.
  • We consider feedback valuable input and welcome it with an open mind by administering questionnaires, performing audits and monitoring processes. We analyse the results and carry out the necessary improvements.

Fact-based decision-making

  • We use relevant data to make conscious and sustainable choices in amending processes.

Impact management

  • We manage the impact of our activities on the natural, social and economic environment, management culture and interested parties. We apply measures to reduce negative impact.
  • We keep our promises. As a socially responsible company, we care about our colleagues, partners, passengers and community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

AS Tallinn Airport has been awarded CSR Certificate and silver level quality certificate.

Quality certificate is given to enterprises who have participated in Estonian CSR Index, who consider sustainable development vital and contribute strategically to development of social and natural environment.