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Privacy policy

Tallinn Airport values its customers and employees and makes every effort to ensure that their personal data are processed lawfully and securely, including protected against unauthorised access and forwarding. Tallinn Airport processes personal data on the basis of the following principles.

  1. When processing personal data, Tallinn Airport complies with the legislation in force in Estonia and the contracts it has entered into. Data is processed to the extent necessary for the performance of contracts and for serving customers.
  2. In its day-to-day operations, Tallinn Airport adheres to the principles of personal data protection and maintaining the secrecy of confidential information.
  3. The employees of Tallinn Airport are aware of the obligation to protect personal data and maintain the secrecy of confidential information and are responsible for compliance with said obligation.
  4. Tallinn Airport processes personal data for specified and legitimate purposes and does not process personal data in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes. The personal data are adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.
  5. The integrity of personal data and ensuring that it is maintained in order to service customers is extremely important to Tallinn Airport. Personal data that are incorrect for the purposes for which they are processed are erased or corrected.
  6. Tallinn Airport protects the personal data entrusted to it against any unauthorised or unlawful access or processing.
  7. Tallinn Airport applies appropriate physical, organisational and IT security measures to ensure the protection of personal data.
  8. Tallinn Airport does not transmit personal data (including recordings) to other persons, unless the obligation to transmit the data arises from legislation or the data subject has given their prior consent or the transmission of data is necessary for the purposes of processing specified in point 11.
  9. Tallinn Airport is the data processor in respect of the personal data provided to an airline and undertakes to apply the data protection requirements and conditions arising from the contract entered into with the airline. Passengers have the right to access their personal data and to obtain extracts of any operations done via the airline. Passengers also have the right to review their personal data and correct any inaccuracies or request corrections by contacting the airline.
  10. If a passenger has provided their personal data to Tallinn Airport, they can email a digitally signed request to [email protected].
  11. Tallinn Airport processes calls to important telephone numbers in order to ensure aviation security and safety, and to provide better customer service. Surveillance camera images are processed for aviation security and safety and for the protection of persons and property.
  12. Recordings of telephone calls and surveillance camera images are processed and retained by Tallinn Airport in its databases.
  13. Tallinn Airport retains recorded telephone calls for one year and surveillance camera images for 31 days.
  14. Personal data related to incidents, including telephone calls and surveillance camera recordings, will exceptionally be retained by Tallinn Airport for five years for any necessary procedural acts. The data are deleted after the expiry of the term.

Keeping you informed during a crisis

To keep its own employees and those of its partners informed (via SMS) in a crisis situation, Tallinn Airport will process personal data (name, telephone number and position) on the basis of justified interest (art. 6(1)(f) of the GDPR). This we will do to ensure security and the smooth functioning of the processes implemented and the measures taken in said crisis. The text messages with which we keep you informed will be mediated by Telia Eesti AS. Everyone has the right to review the analysis of justified interest in data processing pertaining to their own personal data. To request to do so, e-mail [email protected].

Cookie Policy

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