Join Us!

We would love to have you as our colleague, if you are a law-abiding citizen, a good team player, and hold company’s principal values in high regard.

Tallinn Airport employs many skilled workers and specialists in the fields of engineering, technology, aviation and customer service. Graduates of vocational schools as well as higher education institutions can find an interesting job offering many opportunities for development within our organisation. For a more detailed overview, be sure to take a look at our management structure.

All our available positions have been posted on CV Keskus online portal which you can access here.
Further information on available position can be obtained via the e-mail address CV[at] (keyword ‘Job’).


The Tallinn Airport Ltd group provides employment to more than 550 employees.
Our airports provide meaningful work and exciting challenges to many engineering specialists in the fields of electricity, energy, communications, mechatronics and information technology. We also employ fire and rescue workers, drivers, stockmen, service specialists and other office workers. The maintenance and development of infrastructure is organised by construction specialists. We require the knowledge and skills of aviation specialists in aircraft ground handling as well as in providing air navigation services and ensuring aviation safety.

Together, we form the face and soul of the airport, leaving the people visiting Estonia their first impression of the hospitality of our small country. By thinking and acting in unison, we can fulfil our responsibilities and be the best. Our motto is: “Everyone matters. Since 1936”.

Things to keep in mind when working at the airport:

  • In order to ensure the safety of passengers and other employees, all new employees will be subject to a background check. The background check includes a review of criminal records in all countries of residence for at least the past five years. (Any country where the person has permanently resided for at least six months is considered a country of residence). To make the background check go more smoothly, we recommend that applicants who have resided in a foreign country submit criminal records extracts concerning the period when they lived in the respective country.
  • Airports are always open to receive and dispatch aircraft, which means that work goes on even during the night and in any weather.
  • The quality of our services depends on the efforts of each employee, smooth cooperation and consideration for others. We value especially highly our employees’ cooperative skills and efficient partnerships with all companies providing services at the airport.

We consider it important to:

  • Maintain a respectful attitude and open communication with employees
  • Promote our employees’ healthy lifestyles
  • Engage in joint activities to promote the development of both employees as well as the company itself
  • Maintain and advance the level of employees’ professional and general competences
  • Improve the working environment
  • Value the families of our employees