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Sustainable and responsible attitude towards the surrounding environment is a value widely appreciated by all employees of the Tallinn Airport. Aviation is an area which inevitably influences significant extent of the environmental condition and security. Therefore, we must make effort to reduce our negative impact to the environment and be in our activities as sustainable as possible.

We are committed to protecting and improving the environment, as sustainable and responsible attitude towards the surrounding environment is a value widely appreciated by all employees of the company and members of the community. We work hard every day to ensure our environmental performance and minimise the environmental impact of our activities in conformity with the sustainable development principles.

We aim at ensuring sustainable and responsible operations of all airports in the group and offering a high-quality service, while preserving the natural environment and minimising emissions.

Environmental goals that are important to us

Ensuring energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy

We have started the transition to renewable energy and have already built solar parks in Tallinn as well as in all airports in the group.

Reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and air pollution

AS Tallinn Airport has joined the Europe-wide ACI Net Zero 2030 commitment and has set target to achieve net zero CO2 emission by 2030, is a proof of the fact that the airport has committed to moving towards a climate-neutral management.

Electricity consumption accounts for a large part of our carbon footprint, which is why it is important to address the issue of making electricity consumption more sustainable and increasing the share of renewable energy. It is also important to develop our infrastructure and fleet in such a way that supports our goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Reducing the consumption of clean drinking water and ensuring clean rain water

Clean drinking water and reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources are equally important for us. Water bottles can be refilled at the designated places of the airport – so there is no need to buy a new water bottle after passing the security check. Just as important for us is the clean rainwater that flows through our territory. We have updated our rainwater systems, to ensure the quality and purity of the rain water and keeping Lake Ülemiste clean.

Reducing waste generation

We contribute to the separate collection of waste and educate our employees, partners and passengers on waste management issues.

Ensuring compliance with noise level requirements

Noise is an aspect, which is an inevitable companion in aviation and urbanisation; nevertheless, we do our best to reduce noise pollution. We have built noise barriers in the ​aircraft engines test area to protect people and the surrounding environment. We measure and analyse the noise level in our territory 24/7.

Ensuring biodiversity

For us, it is important that the surrounding forests are managed in a sustainable way while ensuring also aviation safety. During spring and early summer nesting time we have established a felling-free season in our territory, to keep the biodiversity of species around us.


The company has been issued quality and environmental management certificates:

ISO9001+ISO14001 sertifikaadi logo

We arrange our daily activities in a way that allows us to follow the principles of environmental sustainability and we use the technological processes, mechanisms and materials that do not have adverse effects on the environment or keep these within defined limits.

We constantly assess the effects and risks arising from our activities on the environment and take them into account in the company’s daily work.

Environmental performance starts with raising awareness, and we can make progress hand in hand with our employees, partners and passengers. Together we can create sustainable solutions which lead us towards climate-neutral future.

If you feel that you wish to give us feedback or contribute to our environmental activity with some innovative ideas, do not hesitate to contact us at keskkond[at]



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