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We are committed to protecting and improving the environment, because a sustainable and responsible approach to the environment around us is a value that is supported by all employees and community members. Every day, we strive to ensure that our environmental performance is efficient and minimise the environmental impact of our operations in line with the principles of sustainable development.

Environmental Policy of Tallinn Airport and Tallinn Airport GH

Tallinn Airport has set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, we review and update our environmental policy every year and have an environmental plan and roadmap in place that take into account all the specificities of our work and safety.

We have integrated sustainable management into our daily activities and linked our goals to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. From an environmental point of view, our activities are linked to the following objectives:

We reduce the CO₂ and pollution emitted into the air

We all deserve to live in an unspoilt environment and breathe clean air, which is why our most important goal is to reduce CO₂ emissions, monitor air pollution and use environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Our infrastructure is large and diverse, and it takes a lot of energy to keep us warm – we are moving from gas to district heating, which is more environmentally friendly and produced from renewable fuels.
  • The airport uses a wide range of different types of machinery, which are needed to provide a high quality and fast service – we’re upgrading our fleet and introducing environmentally friendly solutions.
  • We believe it’s important to reduce the pollution we generate – we calculate our own and our partners’ emissions every year and look for areas of improvement.
  • We are guided by international standards in our day-to-day operations and have signed up to a number of initiatives and associations – we are moving towards ACA Level III and aim to move to Level IV by 2024.

We ensure energy efficiency and the transition to renewable energy

Excessive energy use is a thing of the past, green energy is a clearly the future! We ensure energy efficiency and the transition to renewable energy at airports across Estonia by building solar parks.

  • Electricity accounts for the largest share of our carbon emissions – we’ll continue to build solar parks at airports across Estonia.
    Watch our video of solar parks in Tallinn here!
  • Generating electricity from renewable energy sources is important to us – by 2024, we’ll generate around 35% of our electricity needs from solar parks.
  • We monitor and reduce electricity consumption – we use green energy and reduce unnecessary energy use.

We upgrade our fleet by introducing environmentally friendly solutions

Technology is evolving at an astonishing speed, and we don’t think lagging behind the developments would be wise. That’s why we’re upgrading our fleet and introducing environmentally friendly electric and battery-powered solutions.

  • We do everything we can to ensure that every piece of equipment we use is environmentally sustainable – we use battery-powered technology and are open to innovative and sustainable techniques.
  • From time to time, passengers need to be transported to and from the plane, and we use buses to do this – we’ll reduce the quantity of fossil fuel-powered equipment.
  • The territory of the airport is big and there’s a lot of coming and going – our staff use electric scooters to get around.
  • It’s important to us to offer passengers environmentally friendly solutions – our car park has charging points for electric cars.

We reduce the consumption of clean drinking water and ensure the cleanness of stormwater

Air and water are very similar in the sense that both are indispensable to us, but they also need to be clean. We carry out regular water monitoring, reduce the consumption of clean drinking water and ensure the cleanliness of stormwater.

  • We consider it important to prevent pollution and detect it early – we regularly carry out water surveillance.
  • We’re located in the middle of nature and on the shores of Lake Ülemiste, and reserving the environment around us is important to us – we use environmentally friendly chemicals and avoid pollution in our daily operations and react quickly when it occurs.
  • Snowy winters pose their own challenges and inevitably snow also comes into contact with chemicals – we deposit snow in special areas to prevent chemicals from escaping into the environment.
  • Water is a valuable natural resource that needs to be consumed sustainably – we have installed clean drinking water taps in the terminal for passengers to avoid the use of disposable bottles and we use water sparingly.

Sound waste management and recycling are important to us

Sorting and separate collection of waste have become part of our daily lives. Separate collection of waste on our territory and, where possible, its recycling is important to us.

  • We are developing a waste management action plan and create the conditions for convenient and universally understandable waste sorting – introducing separate collection bins and raising awareness of their use among passengers and staff alike.
  • Reducing the consumption of single-use plastic is important to us – we encourage people to buy food and drinks with their own containers and we look for the best solutions to use biodegradable or recycled materials.

We reduce and monitor noise on the airport of the airport

Noise levels in urban areas sometimes exceed the permissible limits and thus have a negative impact on the health of residents. We consider it important to minimise the noise generated by our activities and monitor it regularly.

  • We consider it important to constantly monitor the noise generated by everyday operation – noise monitoring systems are located on the territory of the airport, the results of which are constantly monitored.
  • We consider it important to minimise the noise generated by our activities and monitor it regularly – we use environmentally friendly and quieter equipment to help reduce the daily noise footprint. We’ve built noise barriers to test the aircraft and we take the surrounding environment into account when carrying out construction work.
  • Cooperation is essential in the case of noise as a major and cross-sectoral problem – we work with different local and national entities and participate in noise mapping.

Biodiversity around us is an important asset

Airports all over Estonia are located in the middle of nature and we work every day to minimise the damage we cause to the environment.

  • Ensuring aviation safety requires deforestation – we believe it’s important that the forests around us are managed in a way that respects nature.
  • Giving back is important for nature’s survival – we participate in various clean-up campaigns and start with the annual replanting of trees.
  • The forest next to Tallinn Airport is home to protected birds – we’ve established a not-felling period for the nesting season and are actively cooperating with an ornithologist.

The company has been issued quality and environmental management certificates:

ISO9001+ISO14001 sertifikaadi logo

Environmental performance starts with raising awareness, and we can make progress hand in hand with our employees, partners and passengers. Working together, we can create lasting solutions that lead us towards a climate-neutral future.

If you feel that you would like to give us feedback or contribute some innovative ideas to our environmental efforts, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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