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New exhibition in airport’s gallery

If you have arrived to the airport earlier than expected or have come to meet your loved one but the flight is late, then the Airport’s gallery is the place where to enjoy your extra time.

In spite of the overall decline, it is a good year for aviation

The number of airline passengers in November was decreased by 10% in comparison with the same time of the previous year. The decrease was similar to the previous months the main reason lying in the sharp change in strategy of Estonian Air made at the end of the last year.

Wine bar Rosin and Subway opened

Everyone finds something enjoyable to eat at the airport. The selection of cafés, bistros and restaurants is wide and constantly supplemented. Recently, a sandwich restaurant and a wine bar opened their doors.

Strike threat to air traffic at Helsinki airport

The Finnish Cabin Crew Union and the Finnish Aviation Union have issued a strike warning. If implemented, the industrial action would start on 15th and end on 23rd November.

Winter schedule from Sunday, October 27th

During the winter season, Tallinn Airport will have scheduled direct services to 21 destinations including domestic flights, operated by 13 airlines.