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Beside all benefits, Estonia's liberal economy also allows taxi driver to charge you pretty much anything. 


To risk a €50 trip to the centre, feel free to take the first taxi driver to approach you at the arrivals door. For a €5-10 trip to the centre, we strongly advise you use one of our contractual taxi partners, which are Tulika Takso, Tallink Takso and Tulika Business. The taxis of these companies will wait for passengers at the front of the terminal doors.


In the car park in front of the terminal, which is located behind the taxi stop, you can also arrive and order a taxi for yourself from some other company, but you should take into account that the permitted set-down time here is 15 minutes.


If you choose not to use our contractual taxi partners, Tallinn Airport advises to call a trustworthy taxi company, and try to avoid taxis that attempt to catch unsolicited customers. If the journey from the airport to the centre would usually cost no more than ten euros, then the prices from taxi drivers who stop at the car park and try to aggressively "get" foreigners will be several times higher.


Phone +(372) 612 0000
Short dial 1200





Phone +(372) 640 8921

Short dial 1921




Phone +(372) 612 0000

Short dial 1200