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Here on this page you will find a short overview of Tallinn Airport main traffic indicators. On the right hand side there are links to more detailed statistics for the past years as well as the results of our surveys.


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Traffic report 2015

Traffic report 2014

Traffic report 2013

Traffic report 2012

Traffic report 2011

Traffic report 2010

Traffic report 2009

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Annual reports


Passengers 2009 - 2014


Main destinations 2014 (share of scheduled passengers)


Main airlines 2014 (share of total passengers)


Aircraft movements 2009 - 2014



Cargo traffic 2009 - 2014 (includes airfreight and mail in tonnes)



Passenger profile - Travel purpose

Source: Tallinn Airport passenger survey, November 2014



Passenger profile - Country of residence

Source: Tallinn Airport passenger survey, November 2014