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Cargo Terminal

Cargo Terminal (Cargo 1) construction works were carried out from September 1997 until March 1998, located in the middle of future cargo area on the north side of the airport. The size of warehouse in Cargo 1 is 3601m2 and 2066m2 is dedicated for the office area. Cargo terminal is operated by different operators (including integrators) and Tallinn Airport Ltd. only acts as a lessor. See the list of cargo terminal operators.

The growing demand for extra space for cargo operations, created a situation were there was need for cargo terminal expansion, Cargo 2. The size of Cargo 2 warehouse is 1255m2 and 758m2 is dedicated for office space. Cargo 2 is operated by TNT Express Worldwide.

At the present moment there are ongoing construction works to meet the growing demand for new cargo facilities at Tallinn airport.  

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