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After joining the European Union Estonia gained access in addition to Structural Funds also to Cohesion Funds replacing the previous ISPA programme. Cohesion Fund was created by the European Union Maastricht Treaty in 1993. With the help of the Fund the European Union implements its regional policy and provides aid to economically underdeveloped areas.

In the environment sector the majority of the budget of the Cohesion Fund goes to modernising the infrastructure in water supply, wastewater treatment and waste management. Through transportation projects road constructions, modernisation of ports, airports and railways are financed.

Within the resources that became available to Estonia during the period of 2004-2006 the European Commission approved the financing of two projects of Cohesion Fund in Tallinn airport: ”Reconstruction of the air traffic area of Tallinn airport” and ”Development of the passenger terminal of Tallinn airport”. Construction works completed in September 2008.
Information about all the projects of Cohesion Fund applicable in Estonia is available online (

Reconstruction of the air traffic area of Tallinn airport

The most significant objectives of the project ”Reconstruction of the air traffic area of Tallinn airport” are improving the status of the environment and implementing environmental protection measures in Tallinn airport and in its close surroundings. Also increasing the safety of the air traffic area in compliance with the standards and requirements of international civil aviation, which have been established by ICAO and ECAC.

In order to increase environmental protection measures the following works shall be performed in Tallinn airport: establishing the system of storm water collection, separation, pretreatment and discharge; establishing a system of monitoring the quality of storm water, automatic testing of water samples; improving and replacing the de-icing technology and installing temperature monitoring sensors for the runway; removing and storing polluted soil.

In order to improve air safety and security the following works shall be performed in Tallinn airport: renovating the parts of the platform that have not been renovated up to the present and expanding the platform; creating parking places for aircrafts to the entire territory of the platform, marking these, electric wiring, marking and ensuring power supply for aircrafts; extending the taxiway; construction and reconstruction of service roads; establishing an area enabling to carry out fire-fighting drills.
Construction works shall be performed by a consortium, including AS Talter, Lemminkäinen Oyj, AS Eesti Ehitus, AS Aspi and AS Teede REV-2. The value of the contract is 548 million kroons (35 million euros). Engineering services shall be provided by a consortium Ramboll Finland Oy, AS Teede Tehnokeskus and AS Telora-E.

Construction works started in September 2006 and shall be completed in September 2008. In addition to Tallinn Airport Ltd the project is co-financed by the European Union through Cohesion Fund.

Development of the passenger terminal of Tallinn airport

As a result of the project ”Development of the passenger terminal of Tallinn airport” completed in August 2008 the operating security of Tallinn airport as one of the transport nodes of the European Union was reinforced. At the same time infrastructure was established, which enables Tallinn airport to comply with the requirements set to the countries acceding to the Schengen agreement and meets the needs of servicing the increasing number of passenger of the airport.

During the construction works the terminal building was extended and modernised northbound and southbound. Due to the gallery that connects all the gates and was constructed in the middle of the terminal building the terminal became T-shaped. The projecting terminal section enables a two-level traffic for international passengers. The renewed terminal has nine passenger bridges. The extensions constructed at the ends  of the terminal building became additional rooms for registering for the flights and for delivering arriving luggage.
Construction works were performed by EMV AS, engineering services were provided by a consortium AS Telora-E and Ramboll Finland OY. Construction works started in October 2006 and were completed in August 2008. In addition to Tallinn Airport Ltd the project was co-financed by the European Union through Cohesion Fund.